Patient Feedback


30 April 2017 - Corneal graft operation - DMEK

I would like to express my thanks to you and your staff for the excellent treatment that I received when I attended for corneal transplant surgery... I am delighted with the result and feel privileged to have received such outstanding and groundbreaking treatment...


28 March 2017 - A patient's experience of DMEK

I would just like to say a sincere "Thank you" for the cornea replacment procedure you carried out. I was very apprehensive but the kindness of staff soon put me at ease. There was no pain, just a little discomfort which a gentle nurses hand let one know all was well. The most uncomfortable part for me was laying flat for so long looking at the ceiling and a very bright light but once on way home - soon forgotten. I expected to have a very sore eye, but it was only like having a lash trapped - this was gone by next morning. I was instructed to lay flat looking at the ceiling for 50 minutes and up for 10 minutes - with wonderful backup form my family was able to do this. I was able to do exactly as advised. We all felt this was really important. After 4 days I was informing the family I could see dust and cobwebs! I thought it would be a while before I would notice a difference. I can't believe the clarity of colour in such a short time. Thank you so much.


15 March 2017 - Corneal graft operation - DMEK

During the first 3 weeks there was a noticeable difference such as recognising people from a distance, seeing the shape of flower petals wherebefore just a blob. I was sitting in the garden having coffee when I realised I could identify the various buds and see the colours. The buds bursting on the hazelnut tree in the next garden and a siler bird infront of the aeroplane exhaust. Thank you.


21 November 2016 - Cataract surgery

This is just to thank you so much for my successful cataract operations. I appreciated your kindness, skill and perseveracne, and it is wonderful to have such a successful outcome.


20 July 2016 - Cataract surgery

I cannot thank you enuogh for your wonderful surgery on my right eye to remove the cataract and to restore my sight in that eye. Each day I give thanks to see all the colours of nature again, the green trees, beautiful flowers, sunsets, etc, and so much more- it has opened up a new life for me. Thank you so much Mr Lam.