About Mr Lam

Awards and Prizes

1.  Queen Victoria Hospital Clinical Audit Competition – First Prize

2.  Pfizer Ophthalmic Fellowship from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists

3.  Co-Principal Investigator, University of Malaya High Impact Research Grant

4.  Alcon Glaucoma Case Study Competition – Winner

5.  Fiona Dolan Fund – Travel scholarship for a 3-week visiting fellowship to CCBRT, Tanzania

6.  Cullen Medal and Olav Kerr Prize

     -  The medal and the prize are awarded annually to the student with the best performance in Clinical Medicine on the recommendation of the Regius Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics.

7. MacFarlane Prize for Third Year Medicine/Surgery

    -  The Macfarlane Prizes were founded in 1928 by the Faculty of Medicine as patrons of the Macfarlane Fund.

    -  They are awarded on the recommendation of the Regius Professors of Medicine and Surgery to the most distinguished students in the third year Medicine and Surgery classes.

8. The Cochrane Prize from the Faculty of Public Health Medicine, Royal College of Physicians (London)

9. The Medical Student Elective Prize from the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (London)

10. The Royal College of Pathologists Student Bursary

11. The British Medical and Dental Students’ Trust Travel Scholarship

12. The Denis Burkitt Study Award

13. The Wellcome Trust Elective Prize

14. The Royal College of Pathologists Student Bursary

15. Other Academic Distinctions from the University of Glasgow (Merit Certificates)

     - 4 merit certificates in General Medicine

     - 3 merit certificates in Surgery

     - Clinical Pharmacology

     - Dermatology

     - General Practice

     - Geriatrics

     - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

     - Orthopaedics

     - Paediatric Surgery